Lighting accessories

Oversized lightbulbs:

These beautiful lightbulbs can all be paired with my macrame lamps for a statement look!

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This is a great rental-friendly hack to hang my macrame lamp without opening any holes on the walls. Not only looks beautiful but you can also easily move this statement piece anywhere you want.

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Plug-in Dimmer:

This is a great alternative if you want your bedside lamp (or any plug-in lamp) to be dimmable. Just make sure your light bulb is dimmable as well if you're planning to use this product.

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US to EU Power Adapter:

If you're in the EU and want to use an US plug-in lamp (or any accessory really), this is your best friend! I used this same one to connect my hair tools and charge my phone/tablet during my time in Europe. I really liked it because its compact and has USB ports ...and mostly because it isn't ugly as most of these adapters are!

*click on the picture to visit the link!

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