The strawberry room!

Lots of you loved and asked about my newly decorated guest room, AKA "The strawberry room" so here I wanted to leave you all the links in case you wanna order anything! ps.. Please send a pic through my IG if you do end up decorating a strawberry room, I would LOVE to see! :D 

*click each product name to go to the link!

Pink macramé pendant lamp: Handmade by me :)

Strawberry sheets: They're silky feeling, pretty comfy and good for the price!

Strawberry art print

Picture frame

Pink treadmill: Ive had it for about a year now, its working just fine, I don't use it often tho, but its been good so far! cute and fine quality for the price IMO.

Strawberry Vase: The vase that inspired the whole room :) My friends gifted it to me for my birthday and I loved it so much I had to decorate the entire room about it!

Pink artificial flowers: Pretty cute artificial flowers, I used some floral foam to keep them in place inside the vase!

*For the pink TV, I painted it with spray paint, I have a video of the process on my IG in case you want to paint yours!! and yes pleaseeee, show me pics if you do!!!!

Some other strawberry really cute things I want to buy:

Strawberry coffee cups

Strawberry glass cups

Strawberry glasses

Thank you for reading♥ Let me know if you liked this blog post by leaving a comment or sharing it with other people, and pretty please, send me pics of your space if you decorate it with any of this or my products, I LOOOOVE to see!

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